Friday, April 2, 2010


Wow! Time flies when you’re not paying attention. I started this post last Sunday and have failed to finish until today. So keep this little fact in mind as you read the opening time statement.

Jake took to it immediately.
Over the weekend we went to a birthday party for a friend of Jake's from church. It was not a basic at home with lots of balloons and streamers party. These parents went for greatness and I would say they did greatness. The party was at a place called BounceU. You know those big inflatable moonwalk and obstacle courses that you can rent for fairs and carnivals and stuff. This place has two rooms with three or four in each. Not only were there kids running all over the place, but there were just as many parents running around. I found it fun just to watch the fathers that were coming in and seeing the look in their eyes as they glassed over. It certainly seemed to me that the fathers were just as excited to play as their children were. This was definitely a blast. Of course Jake immediately took to it and began running around after slight hesitation. Alyssa on the other hand struggled a little bit more. She didn’t really know what to do. Her brother had done this before, she had not. It probably did not help that the first bounce we went into had to adults jumping around whipping a dodge ball back and forth. By the time she finally started to get into it the workers from BounceU made the call to “move on”.

Alyssa took a couple of minutes then loved it.
I think we were the only newbie family. As everyone is lining up at the doors we’re huddle in the corner with our three trying to get shoes back on everybody and gather all our stuff. When we finally “moved on” the doors opened to reveal the second room of blowups. We had to remove all shoes again and start over. I wondered why no one else was worried about getting shoes on. Of course we had to collect both of our runners to get their shoes before they started climbing again. This place was definitely fun for the whole family, and it is a great place for a birthday party. We were rather impressed with BounceU and what all they took care of. When you get there they collect all the presents and hold on to them till the party time. They had two staff members with the group the whole time. When you did go into the party room they dealt with all the cake and pop serving, mom and dad didn’t have to worry about any of it. They did all the present handling as well, reading the cards, keeping the birthday child moving from one gift to next, and they even did the gift list to make thank you’s easier. It all went rather smoothly and impressively. I would definitely recommend it to those who can afford it. I don’t know the price but I heard it is a little pricey yet worth every penny.
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