Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lowes: Build and Grow

For the past six weeks we've been going to Lowes every other Saturday. We're not getting supplies for any home improvements, nor am I purchasing a bunch of new tools, as nice as that would be. What we're doing is going to Lowes "Build and Grow" workshops for the kids. They go all out for the kids with aprons and little hammers for doing the projects, and they each get a certificate and patch when they finish. You have to leave the hammer there but you get to take the apron home so you can put the patches on them. All of this is free, absolutely no charge or purchase necessary.

So far the kids, Jacob and Alyssa, have made a bug box, a school bus pencil holder, and a pet leash holder (for the invisible dog we have). The projects each come with complete directions, including very good illustrations. All the parts are pre-drilled for the nails allowing for fairly easy hammering. These are easy projects for the kids and have planned out to the T making them fun for the parents as well, since you're not spending too much time interpreting what some half-hazard engineer had in mind. We all enjoy the time although Alyssa tends to have Erika or I do most of the work on hers. Jake on the other hand enjoys swinging the hammer. Thankfully no fingers have been smashed yet.

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  1. So very cute!! What a nice thing to do with the kids!!