Friday, November 12, 2010

Tasty Tuesday: 1 Jar + 1 Pan = 18 Brownies?

We went the easy route this week. My Special Sister at church gave me a jar of brownie mix and my grandma gave me an Amazing Brownie Pan. We put the two together and got this week's Tasty Tuesday. 

Add eggs, oil, and vanilla.

After I showed him how to get the top off he said, "Oh, that's tricky!"

He LOVES cracking eggs.

Notice that the mould does not fill the pan, therefore does not cut through each one.

It even comes with it's own cooling rack.

Our "perfectly sized" brownies.

"Hmm, I wonder if that whole thing will fit in my mouth?"
The Amazing Brownie Pan is easy to use. You pour the batter into it, place the mould in, and bake. Word to the wise: coat the mould with non-stick cooking spray. Otherwise, it will take you 4 times as long to individually cut each brownie out and wash the mould afterward. Not that I know from experience or anything . . . . and it negates that guarantee on the box that it "makes baking brownies easier than ever!" All in all, it's a cute idea. It also takes away the need for Jake to find the biggest one.
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