Thursday, December 16, 2010

Theory Thursday: Rising Balls

It was an easy experiment this week. But a fun one.

My Little Hams, ready to start.

This is the face he made when I asked what he expected to happen.

Start with a ball in a jar.

Add rice.

Shake back and forth.

The ball will rise to the top.

As you shake the jar, the rice spreads out and becomes less dense. The rice fills in the empty spaces when the ball moves, pushing the ball up. They repeated the process about 5 times. It was fun dumping the rice through the funnel and watching it come out the other end. It was still surprising every time they saw the ball at the top again. Eventually, they resorted to bouncing the balls in the kitchen. They had a good time, and I had a few minutes to get some things done. We all were happy.
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