Monday, July 4, 2011

Make It Monday: Chalk City

Playing with chalk is such an easy and cheap activity for the kids. I grabbed our bucket of chalk, a few cars, and started drawing on the patio. Jake and Alyssa soon got really excited and joined in the fun!

Start by drawing a road and lots of fun places to go!

Look how big our city and neighboring communities are! We even have a skyscraper (Can you find it? It's that huuuge yellow building with a pole on top that almost touches the sun!), a CVS (Have to get free toiletries, you know!), a fire station (Just in case!), a few toy stores (One can never have too many, right?), and so much more!    

Once your city is complete, it's time to play!

Of course, you must start your day at the car dealership.

Hmm, I think I'll pick this red one.

Better stop at the bank to get some money!

Getting hungry? Let's make a trip to the pizza place. I hear their Hawaiian pizza is the BEST! 

 Now that your tummy's full, wanna try out that new park across town???

What? There's no connecting road?? That's ok, I can fix that!

Want to play on the swings first or the slide?

Time for a little off-roading adventure!

Oh, man. That red car was not meant for driving on the bumpy terrain. Back to the dealership.

Ooh, this white car looks fast!

Uh oh! Guess it wasn't fast enough!  It got stuck trying to drive through the sticky mud pit. Whew, good thing we called for a tow truck!

Such fun, imaginative play we had! The kids played in our Chalk City for hours. We were constantly adding new and exciting places to visit like Grandma's house, Papa's Chiropractic office and doughnut shop across the street, pet store, Home Depot, and a chocolate factory! I loved seeing the pictures they drew to portray each place.

So, grab some chalk and make your own city. Or make a circus with all the acts or a fair with exciting rides or a zoo full of animals. The possibilities are endless! 

Happy chalk drawing!

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  1. OH,I REALLY like that idea of the sidewalk chalk making roads for cars! I'm sitting here wondering why we have never done that! Thanks for the inspriation and dropping by my blog!

    Moms Mustard Seeds

  2. Are they considered world travelers now??