Friday, August 19, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile 8/19/11

1. Jake told Alyssa, while playing with his Trio Batcave, “I don't want to play Robin. He's just a young kid.”

2. Zac loves pretending he's a dog. He has been crawling around and panting for many months now. He has really caught on to the licking part recently too. He will act like a dog and lick all over you. The more you squirm and scream, the more he licks. It's extremely funny . .  especially if you are not the one on the receiving end of the “kisses.” He reminded me of my oldest niece. She did the same thing approximately 20 years ago. I did not think she was so humorous then. And I certainty hope she's not still giving kisses like that now.

3. I asked Jake if he wanted to help me make the mini doughnut muffins. He shrugged his shoulders and casually replied, “yes.” When I asked if he wanted to make them all by himself, his face lit up and he excitedly said, “Can I, can I, please???”

4. We took the kids to the park down the street. We had fun, especially while we all rode on the 6-way see-saw. I'm not sure whose smiles were bigger – theirs or ours?

5. Zac loves going to bed. He always has. I asked if he was ready for a nap. As I was putting some clothes away in his room before he went to sleep, he was climbing the rungs of his crib so he could go “ni-night.” When that didn't work, he climbed up into Jake's bed instead and lay down on his pillow. “Ni-night,” he said with a big smile.

6. Jake is obsessed with Super Heroes. He's convinced that he has every single super power known to man. And then some. His newest alter-ego is Skunk Man. He dressed in a black shirt, black pants with white stripes, and a cape. He runs around spraying villains with his stinky spray. This is one power I am thankful that he does not truly possess. (Shh, don't tell him!)

7. Both Jake and Alyssa have gotten into a mimicking phase. They are not allowed to mimic me, but they do it to each other quite often. Child A will complain that Child B is copying them. I will reprimand Child B. Instantly, Child A will turn around and mimic Child B. And so the pattern continues. Well, Alyssa started complaining that Zac was copying her. I had to explain that he wasn't trying to be annoying (like her big brother), but that he learns by copying. I raised my arms; he raised his arms. I clapped my hands; he clapped his hands. I knocked on the table; he knocked on the table. Alyssa joined in the fun by showing him actions to mimic. It was a learning experience for the both of them, and a precious one for me.

8. During dinner, one child started laughing. Then, another began giggling because of the first. The domino effect continued when the third one joined in. Eventually, all 5 of us were laughing hysterically. The best part? No one could remember why.

9. We surprised the kids with a trip to our local ice cream shop. Eighty degrees + ice cream cones + 3 children = a sticky, drippy mess . . . and many smiles.
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