Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pantry Surprise 10/7/11

Jacob loves these magnets. They used to be in my mom's office at the church. The other day, Jacob very sweetly asked her if she needed them anymore, and of course, brought them home that day. He has barely let them out of his sight. If he does, either Zac or Alyssa is right there to play with them. Not only does it bother Jacob because they are his, but also because his siblings don't appreciate the skill it takes to build intricate structures. They simply pull the magnets apart, allowing the balls to roll away, and haphazardly stick them together again.

Apparently he wanted to make sure they'd leave his formation alone.
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  1. When he asked me if I needed them, I told him that I had them there for when he came to my office. That's when he said to me, "Well grandma, I'm not in your office very often"!!! So of course I let him take them home.