Friday, October 28, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile 10/28/11

1. Jake: "Daddy's not going to have a baby."
Me: "Well, this baby (pointing to my belly) is still his baby."
Jake: "Yeah, but he's not going to lay it like you are."

2. Alyssa: "Are we taking the wagon?"
Me: "No, just the stroller."
Alyssa: "The two-headed one?" (double stroller)

3. Family time at the cider mill.

4. Alyssa was reeeaaaching her foot under the table to touch Leighton. She asked, "Daddy, do you want to play toe-sies with me?"

5. Whenever Zac gets hurt, he asks for a kiss. If he gets really hurt, he says, "kiss more" until he's satisfied.

6. Jake's soccer season ended this week. He played so well! He scored at least 2 goals each game (one game he scored 7!) If I caught his attention after a goal, I would give him a "thumbs up." Every time, he would respond by winking at me.

7. Zac started saying "I lub you much."

9. The kids were showing me something that was supposed to make you "laugh your head off." I laughed, but apparently not to their liking. Alyssa told me, "You'll have to try harder, Mommy."

10. Jake said, "I'm so tired I would fall right asleep in a fight with Frankenstein."  
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  1. "Yeah, but he's not going to lay it like you are."

    THAT made me laugh...too cute!