Saturday, December 10, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile 12/9/11

1. Jake: "I think I'm going to like the new baby. Well, as long as it's not worse than Zachy." - said after Zac took his favorite coloring book

2. We took the kids on a drive through the neighborhood to look at the Christmas decorations. I pointed out 3 reindeer at one house. "No," Zac said. "Horsey."

3. Alyssa pointed to the size 3 on the tag of her dress and asked, "Is this how old it is?"

4. Alyssa, pointing to the nativity scene at church: "Look! It's baby Moses."

5. Jake: "I know why we can't fly - we don't have feathers."

6. I heard Jake talking in his room and it caught my attention. I listened carefully and realized that he was reading a book to Alyssa! How exciting! Ever since this post, he's enjoying reading more and more. I love it!

7. Jake: "Zachy has my tape measurer and he's squirting it all out!"

8. Zac: "Monster out dere!"
Alyssa: "There's no monster out there; it's light out."
Jake: "Yeah, everybody knows that monsters only come out at night."

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