Thursday, January 5, 2012

R.E.A.L. Homeschool Spanish - Review

My kids are very interested in learning another language. Part of this fascination is due to hearing other languages on various television programs. Another reason is just the shear excitement of learning something new. I mean, just the other day, my son (6 yr) was asking me about Pig Latin. He was thoroughly impressed by my eakingspay anotherway anguagelay. Sadly, I don't think Igpay Atinlay counts for a credit though. 

But Spanish does! We've had the opportunity to use R.E.A.L. Homeschool Spanish.the past few weeks. 

The curriculum ($49.95 download; $89.95 hard copy) was designed specifically for homeschoolers to learn at home, at their own pace, and with a fun process. The acronym describes it well: 
R - relax
E - enjoy
A - aspire
L - learn Spanish

I took 3 years of Spanish in high school and enjoyed it immensely. Unfortunately, I don't remember it enough to carry on a conversation with a Spanish-speaking person. This curriculum is great for that. It's meant for the whole family to learn together in a conversational style. 

Unit One begins with teaching various greetings and emotions. It gives many ideas of how to incorporate them into your every day lifestyle. Things like singing songs, putting on a puppet show, making and playing a board game, and acting out a play make learning fun!  My kids had so much fun drawing faces and having me guess, in Spanish, which emotion they were portraying. 

They especially like when Mommy drew a face that was spewing everywhere to show that he was enfermo. That resulted in them drawing picture after picture of people vomiting everything imaginable from whole watermelons to cars. But let me tell you, they had fun! And now they remember that when someone is sick, he is enfermo

And if that's not fun enough??? There's an Activity Book included, with things like crossword puzzles, word searches, and word unscrambles. There are so many wonderful resources involved with this curriculum. Thy even offer a curriculum guide to keep you on track and audio clips to demonstrate the proper pronunciation.

While Spanish may be more complicated to learn than Pig Latin, R.E.A.L. Homeschool Spanish offers the materials to help you be successful.

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* I was given a digital download of this curriculum in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.
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