Friday, January 20, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 1/20/12

1. Jake: "I know everything God says is true."

2. Alyssa was wearing a new pair of pajamas that were a little too big. I asked her if she wanted me to roll her sleeves. "Yes," she said, "Will you roll my pant sleeves, too?"

3. Jake: "I spy with my one little eye something skin-color."
Alyssa: "My skin?"
Jake: "No, but that's a good guess."

4. Enjoying a fire with the family before bed.

5. Alyssa: "Daddy! The paint's coming off the roof!"
Leighton: "It's ok. The white part is just snow on the roof."
Alyssa: "Oh, silly me."

6. Jake: "Next time we go camping, we should bring the Wii and Daddy could hook it up in the van so I can play on the way there."
Me: "I don't think camp is far enough away that Daddy needs to hook it up. It needs to be a farther drive than that."
Jake: "What if we go to South Dakota?"

7. Our dinner conversation . . .
Jake: "Can I get a pet snake?"
Me: "No."
Jake: "Well then, can I get some mice and a guillotine so I can put the mice in and chop off their heads?"
Me: "And what would you do with the headless mice?"
Jake: "Cook them for dinner! I've never tried mice before."

8. I was working with Alyssa on words that end with at. After she read the word fat she said, "Just like your tummy is fat!"

9. Jake, looking out the window: "That squirrel's a beast! It's almost big enough to shoot and eat!"
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