Friday, February 17, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 2/17/12

1. Zac gave me one of Alyssa baby dolls to hold. A few minutes later, he pulled it from my lap. "No, baby. That my seat."

2. Alyssa drew a picture of Leighton and me and made sure we were holding hands. I love that that's how she sees her parents, holding hands and in love.

3. Zac handed me his socks and said, "I don't want my sockies on. I too busy."

4. Celebrating Valentine's Day.

5. Alyssa: "Does no mean no and yes mean yes?"
Me: "Yes."
Alyssa: "See, Jake? I was right!"

6. For the past 2 weeks, Zac has said many times, "I see your baby?" I'll show him my belly, and he'll ask, "I kiss your baby?" This little one is already very loved.

7. Alyssa: "I was a girl baby, not a boy baby.

8. I cooked a chicken on our rotisserie for dinner one night. All 3 kids love eating the legs. I don't know if you've ever noticed this or not, but chickens have only 2 legs. That is a problem. We need to start buying mutated 3-legged chickens. That would solve matters. Anyway, after hearing, "I want a leg!" 11 or 12 times, this was the conversation that took place:
Jake: "Is there a nugget part?"
Leighton: "What do you mean?"
Jake: "You know, a nugget part. Like a chicken nugget."


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  1. I love how you solved the problem of the legs. The nugget part is a little hard to find I have heard.