Friday, April 27, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 4/27/12

Happy Friday, everyone! It's been another busy week. We had revival services at church this week. So we were there Sunday, Monday Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday was a soccer game. And here we are at Friday. I'm hoping to find time tomorrow to get down in our basement and start organizing and pricing our huge section of yard sale things. I can't even call it a pile since it takes up a large portion of the room.  It'll be sad getting rid of some of the baby stuff (especially the girl clothes!), but it'll be so nice having a basement again!

How many of you are obsessed with use Pinterest? There are so many amazing ideas out there in the blog world that it's hard to remember them all. My bookmarked pages on the computer were out of control. (Ok, they still are, but at least they're not getting worse!) Leighton teases me because it takes me 4 minutes to scroll through my recipes bookmark. Yeah, it's that long.  But with Pinterest, I love that I can keep all my favorites organized where I can easily see them and a picture. Plus, I can access my list from anywhere. Oh, it's convenient. And speaking of convenience, we've added a Pin It button to the bottom of each post to make it easy for all you fellow pinners to save your favorite posts, too!

Now, on to the smiles!

1. Tyler was crying as I was changing him. Zac, the protective big brother, came running in the room. "Oh, no! what's wrong? Mommy, what you doin him?"

2. Jake was eating an apple and said, "Ugh, my right side hurts. I think it's filling up just this side instead of both sides." So, he leaned to the left while he finished eating. "There. That's better."

3. Jake: "I'm not afraid of a shadow. Unless there's something really scary behind it."

4. Zac: "Mommy, I like you songing."
Jake: "Yeah, how did you learn to sing like that? Probably because you have a pretty voice."

5. Alyssa: "Will you write this, please?"
Me: "I can't right now. I'm feeding the baby, and I can't write with my left hand.
Alyssa: "Sure ya can. Give it a try!

6. Tyler started smiling!

7. Zac: "I don't wike dat"
Me: "Why not? It's fun."
Zac: "I don't wike fun."

8. Jake's first soccer game of the season.

9. Jake: "Soccer is one of my favorites sports."
Me: "I bet baseball is another one."
Jake: "Yeah, and sword fighting."

What made you smile this week?

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  1. Love these, but #4 is priceless!!!

  2. Sword fighting, baseball, and soccer and the favorites around here as well.

    And thanks for the idea about the pin button for the blog. Good thinking!

  3. Hee, hee all of those made me smile.

  4. Sword fighting! My son would have fun with my him. Lots of smiles there, it sounds like a happy home.

  5. I got rid of tons of baby clothes, equipment, bedding, etc. last summer when we moved. It was definitely bittersweet:)