Tuesday, September 11, 2012

National TV Dinner Day

Yesterday we celebrated National TV Dinner Day! We don't ever buy frozen dinners since I prefer to make most things from scratch, but that didn't stop us from celebrating. We simply modified the day. Instead of eating a frozen dinner in front of the television, we ate a regular home-cooked dinner. Now, it was nothing fancy. I had made chili on Saturday and had plenty leftover. I love using homemade chili for hotdogs, so that's what we had. It's so much better than the chili from a can. Another way to improve a simple hotdog is by making your own buns. Oh. my. goodness.  I'll be posting the recipe soon and you'll definitely want to try it. Trust me.

The kids were excited to "have a picnic" in the house for dinner. Every now and then we eat on a blanket in the living room and watch a movie. It's a special treat that they all love.

See? We used our divided trays. It's as close to a frozen TV dinner that we're gonna get. 

Happy National TV Dinner Day! Do you ever eat while watching TV?

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