Monday, September 3, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 8/31/12

Happy . . . Monday? Yep, it's Monday, Labor Day and I'm posting last week's smiles. It has been a crazy couple of weeks! We went on vacation for a week, came home, unpacked, repacked, and left again a few days later to go camping. Whew, aren't you tired just reading about it??? We just got back this evening. The van is unloaded, a load of laundry is running, everyone is bathed (yea for running water!) and I am sitting down to catch up on a few posts. Tomorrow I'll unpack and put away the rest of our things. (Why is it that you need more stuff for 3 days of camping that you do for 7 days at a resort?) I told Leighton that I need a few days to get everything in the house in order and a few more days to work on the 15 million posts I have swirling around in my head. Now, if only I could find someone to watch all 4 kids so I can get it all accomplished. Any takers???  

No? Oh well, at least I'll find more things to smile about while storing sleeping bags, lanterns, and fishing poles; washing, drying, and folding laundry; and trying to accomplish a ton of other things . . . all because 4 little beings fill my life with so much joy.

The first 2 smiles are from 2 weeks ago, but I had misplaced the paper I wrote them on.

1. I made a ton of preparations before we left for vacation (more on that later.) Each child had a special present sitting in their seats when they walked out to the van. I also put a divided container in the back between Jake and Alyssa with a bunch of goodies (new books, special pens, purse-size kleenex with characters on the package, candy, etc.) Jake, while still sitting in the driveway before we even left said, "I like vacation!"
2. Zac asked me to assemble his "choo-choo Thomas" blocks. Apparently I did it wrong though and offended poor Thomas in the process. Zac rearranged them and told me, "This piece goes here. And this one goes here. Choo-choo Thomas doesn't like that, you bully Mommy."  

3. Zac, talking to the bottle of apple juice: "I love you, juice."
Zac, being the juice and talking in a deep voice: "I love you, too."
Zac, giggling: "Hahaha, the juice can talk!"

4. Zac stayed home from church Sunday night because he wasn't feeling well. As the night went on, he started to feel better, so he helped me make a double batch of chocolate chip cookies (one batch to bake, one batch to freeze.) He was sitting on the floor playing with the parchment paper and dropped it out of the box. Sarcastically, he said, "Oh, excellent."

5. (Remember #12?) Zac, lifting the back of his shirt: "Mommy, this is your little butt. And it's my little butt. It's our little butt. We like butts. And I like your big butt."

6. Zac: "Mommy, I wike you." It doesn't matter how many times he says this, it always makes me smile.

7. Alyssa, handing me a big block of Legos: "Here, Mom. It's a cake I made for you."
Me: "Oooh, that looks delicious! What kind is it?"
Alyssa: "The tastiest cake you ever did taste."

8. Zac: "I wub (love) you with a biiig hug and a kiss and an eyeball!"

9. I overheard Zac say to Tyler, "Pay attention!" I had to intervene. I'm afraid of what that crazy boy is trying to teach his innocent baby brother! 

10. Zac, fluttering his eyelashes: "My eyes can hop."

11. Zac: "Hey! It's a piece of moon!"

12. Zac: "My butt hurts. I need a new one. Can we buy one?"

Despite this list, yes the other kids were present all week and did make me smile!

What made you smile this week, er last week . . . oh, whatever! What made YOU smile???

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