Saturday, September 22, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 9/21/12

Happy Weekend! We had such a great week. We had a special day at church called Round Up Sunday. The kids especially enjoyed dressing up - and looked so cute, too! That evening we had a chili cook-off with plenty of chili, cornbread and desserts. Lots of fun!

Confession time - I have a fantastic cornbread recipe. I make it often because we all love it so much. I think I've mentioned before how crazy busy Sundays are between the morning services, coming home for a couple hours, and leaving again for choir practice and the evening service. Because we were busy running errands on Saturday, I had to make both the chili and cornbread Sunday afternoon. I checked the cornbread and noticed that it wasn't rising. It was already cooked too much to combine the batter from 18 muffins down to 12 though. I figured the muffins were small because I normally make 12 but was trying to extend it a bit to feed more people. We just trimmed the muffin liners down so they didn't look so pathetic. I placed the cornbread muffins in a cute little basket lined with a towel and headed to church. Fast forward a few hours. Jake hands me a muffin and says, "These don't taste like they normally do." I took a bite. Dense. Super dense. I started to think about the ingredients . . . hmm, no baking soda or baking powder? Strange. Well, of course, it bothered me. I certainly don't want people thinking I can't even make cornbread, especially when it's always so good. I looked at the recipe again when we got home. 1 teaspoon baking soda. Yeah, totally missed that in all the busyness of the day. Oops.

Moral of the long story: It doesn't matter how many times you make a recipe, the one time you make a mistake will be when serving other people.

The day was still fun, despite the cornbread. And if anyone asks, maybe I can just say the kids made them. You won't tell, will you???

Ok, time for the real smiles of the week!

1. Tyler has been rolling from his belly to back since he was just a few weeks old. Last week he learned how to roll from back to belly. Now he's a little roly poly, rolling all around the house.

2. Watching Jake standing in front of a mirror, attempting to read his shirt. Trying not to laugh, I said, "You do realize it's backwards, right?" Then we both got a good laugh.


4. Zac: "Where's my play dough? I think it's hiding from me."

5. Jake: "Why did we get a new land to serve Jesus and then everybody went and forgot about Him?"

6. Alyssa: "Usually if I'm watching a movie and the disc freezes, I just smack my head and it works."

7. Jake: "How come everyone's favorite color is blue, and I'm stuck with red?"

8. Talk Like A Pirate Day - so much fun!  

9. Zac: "Where are my big Legos?"
Me, pointing to the middle of the room: "Right there."
Zac: "That's a good hiding place!"

10. Zac: "Mommy, you're a cutie pie."

11. Jake, about Tyler: "He's an expert at making slobber bubbles."

12. Alyssa turned 4 1/2!

13. Zac: "There's a bug on the cushion!"
My Mom: "That's ok, just brush it off."
Zac, takes off running and returns a couple minutes later: "I can't find a brush anywhere."
14. Jake: "Angry Birds is such a deadly thing for birds." 

What made YOU smile this week???
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