Friday, October 26, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile 10/26/12

Happy Friday! What a week. We had a conference at church and were there until after 10:00 pm each night, Sunday-Wednesday. It was a huge blessing. Great preaching, wonderful singing, and fun fellowship with old friends. But it was tiring. The kids quickly got used to that schedule and were up late again last night. Fun times.

Did you read the announcement yesterday? It'll take some getting used to, but I'm hoping it will give me a little down-time, instead of constantly go-go-going. In fact, I played outside all afternoon with the kids yesterday. It was a beautiful day. Perfect for taking 380 pictures. {grin}

Here are a few memories from this week.

1. Alyssa: "Mommy, you make the very best cake ever."
Jake: "And I know why that is. Because you put too much love in it . . . well, you can't have too much, but it's a lot."

2. Zac, about Tyler: "Is he pretty?"
Alyssa: "He's gorgeous. That's a fancier word for pretty."
Zac: "Yeah, he's gorgeous."

3. Alyssa, about Tyler: "I kissed him two times and he didn't even make my lips messy! He didn't get slobber on me."


5. Jake: "This tag says that I have waterproof boots."
Alyssa: "Jacob, you are one lucky boy!"
Jake: "Do you know what waterproof means?"
Alyssa: "No."

6. Playing outside with the kids in the leaves.

7. Alyssa: "I know a karate move. If someone tries to hit you, you just try getting away."

8. Zac: "I need a mustache so I can pretend to be Daddy."

9. Alyssa: "I'm a better sister than Jacob."

What made you smile this week??? 

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