Sunday, May 26, 2013

J is for Just a Mom

just (jŭst) adj. Precisely; exactly; - in place, time, or degree; neither more nor less than is stated.

I'm sure you've heard people who say Oh, you're just a mom? as if it's a small thing. Their words don't offend me. Being a mom is a big deal. We've been entrusted with these lives: to raise them to know Christ, to have morals, to better society, to serve God. 

Whether you work out of the home, work from home, or spend 24/7 taking care of the home, your job as mother is most important and most rewarding of all. No other job pays in hugs, kisses, and I-love-yous. Few jobs are as exhausting, yet fulfilling.  

I spend every second of every day being just a mom. I'm not anything special. I'm not any different from you. I do precisely, exactly, no more or less than is stated to be a mom.

I am a mother.

I am a chef.

I am a teacher.

I am a chauffeur.

I am a kisser-of-boo-boos.

I am a trainer-of-the-next-generation.

I am a referee.

I am a nose-wiper.

I am a maid.

I am a launderer.

I am a doctor.

I am a listening-ear.

I am a hand-holder.

I am a bug-sqausher.

I am a teacher-of-values.

I am a hair stylist.

I am a diaper-changer.

I am a hug-giver.

I am a mood-changer.

I am a Lego assembler.

I am a book-reader.

I am a scientist.

I am a bath-giver.

I am a photographer.

I am a dish-washer.

I am a comforter.

I am a personal assistant.

I am a master-tickler.

I am a fort builder.

I am a cheerleader.

I am a missing-shoe-finder.

I am a pb&j expert.

I am a tear-wiper.

I am a bed-tucker-in-er

I am a juice-pourer.

I am a back-scratcher.

I am a butt-wiper.

I am a bad-dream-chaser.

I am a balloon-blower-up-er. 

I am a law enforcer.

I am a personal shopper.

I am a wardrobe stylist.

I am an art director.

I am an encourager.

I am a shoe-tie-er.

I am a memory-preserver.

I am a problem-solver.

I am a laugher-at-jokes. 

I am an I-love-you-expert.

I am a giver-of-self.

 Yes, I am just a mom. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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