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Christianity Cove

Are you looking for a place that has fun Bible lessons, games, crafts, skits, and activities? That can be used for both church and home? And some things that are free? You should check out Christianity Cove. They offer many resources that make teaching kids the Bible fun, easy, and interesting. We were able to review Daily Dilemmas: 26 True-to-Life Devotions for Kids along with the Fruits of the Spirit Activity Kit.

Each day, while the kids were eating breakfast, I'd pull up the e-book ($29) on either the laptop or the iPad, grab my Bible, and read our devotion. Each devotion presents the kids with a real-life dilemma, something that they might experience. After setting the story, there are 3 Bible verses that pertain to that situation. Finally, there are 4 options for how the child in the story should respond. 

I'd read the scenario, and we'd discuss it. I'd read the verses, and we'd discuss them. I'd read the options for the most Christian response, and we'd discuss them. Then, I'd read the explanation for the correct answer that was given.

I really like the idea of allowing the kids to safely experience different dilemmas or problems that they might encounter in their childhood before ever being put in those situations. Some of the moral challenges that are included in this teaching tool are bullying, cheating, peer pressure, revenge, jealousy, bribes, respecting authority, and lying.

The book is geared toward kids ages 6-12, but I used it with my 7, 5, and 3 year old. I had to explain a lot. While I know that 2 of my kids are a little young, I believe that the overall age range for the book would be closer to 10-13. There were many situations where my 7-year-old would not be. A lot of the kids in the dilemmas seemed to be in the middle school age.

I didn't always agree with what the author said was the correct answer for the best way to respond and I didn't always think that the Scriptures used were completely relevant. But, it opened up a lot of good discussions with my little ones and presented them with situations that made them think. It's my job as their mother to train them and guide them before they are ever in a place where they are tempted to do wrong. Then, when they are faced with those dilemmas for real, they will have a better understanding of how they should act and why.

The fruits of the Spirit - love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, meekness, temperance - are so important in the life of a Christian. These fruits are the results of living a Spirit-filled life. You can't be close to God without these qualities shining through.

The Fruits of the Spirit Activity Kit e-book ($19) includes object lessons, crafts, snacks, games, song, science experiment, and worksheets for ages 4-12. Each aspect of the kit is used to teach children the fruits and help them to understand and apply them.
The lessons are written for a Sunday School setting and even include a word-for-word script for the teacher. Again, we used these materials at home during school.

My kids love hands-on activities. The object lessons were a big hit. They especially liked playing in the dirt to pull out the "weeds of sin" in their lives. We talked about how we need to let God remove our sin (praying, reading Bible, etc.) so our fruits can grow. They each ate an apple and then planted the seeds.

The funniest part was trying to jump rope while singing the Juicy Jump Rope song. Oh, my. My kids have tried jumping rope only a couple times before. I showed them how to do it.

 In Ga-la-tians five, twen-ty two and twen-ty three, The Fruits of the Spir-it were writ-ten for me . . . 

Let me tell you, I am out of shape! I jumped a little while before collapsing on the grass. Jake (7) tried next. He was less gracefully. Haha, we laughed so hard watching him try over and over. We kept taking turns jumping and singing the song. We had so much fun and reviewed the fruits at the same time.

I really liked the Guess Which Fruit game. We had to adapt if to fit our homeschool setting with little ones, but it worked well to give them a better understanding of the meanings behind the words and helped recognize the fruits.

Christianity Cove offers many other materials, like a Bible memory game, Easter pageant scripts, puppet shows, adult Bible study lessons, and so much more. They even have a list of featured articles that include free coloring pages, crafts, and many helps.

If you work with children, whether at home or at church, Christianity Cove has a resource for you.

Looking for different materials for teaching the Bible? Many of my Crewmates reviewed other materials from Christianity Cove. Head to the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog to read more reviews.

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