Friday, February 21, 2014

Things That Make Me Smile 2/14/14

Jake (8), Alyssa (5½), Zac (4), Tyler (1½) 

Happy Friday! I'm a week behind again. I've realized that if I don't get a chance to post my list on Fridays, I have a hard time getting it done throughout the week. Creatures of habit, I guess. That just means that we get 2 lists of Smiles this week! 

1. Zac, looking out the window: "It's so sunny out there, it's going to burn my eyes down."

2. Alyssa: "In Jesus Love the Little Children, when it says 'red and yellow, black and white' who's the 'yellow'?"
Me: "Like Chinese and Japanese people."
Alyssa: "Well, I know who the red are . . . People with sunburns."

3. Zac, taking apart a K'nex creation: "Tyler, can you help me? You're good at tearing things up."


5. Jake: "Why does food taste so good? 'Cause Mom made it."

6. Tyler said "I love you" for the first time. 

7. Alyssa, rubbing her head on a pillow to make her hair staticky: "My hair can be Medusa!"

8. Me: "Is there anything you'd like Daddy to pick up from Randazzo?"
Alyssa: "Ice cream!"
Me: "He's not getting--"
Tyler, running as fast as he can from the other side of the house: "Ie pream! Ie preeeam!!!"
9. Jake, astounded: "Do you know what I heard at church? There used to be this thing called sending letters to people.

What made you Smile this week?

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