Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pantry Surprise 6/19/14

I haven't posted a Pantry Surprise in just over a year. A year! Oh, it's not that we haven't had random things left in strange places. In fact, I think I've gotten so used to finding things where they don't belong that I don't even question it anymore. 

Tyler was on a big kick for a long time where he'd throw things in the fish tank, the toilet, and the sinks. 

And the bathtub. 

And down the heating vent. 

Oh, and the down the laundry shoot.

Pretty much anywhere toys were not supposed to be.

But when I found a true panty surprise in the actual pantry, I figured it was time to dust off that title and revive this section of the blog. 


This Chima wolf was zooming through the pantry on his Speedor, looking for a snack. Battling for Chi is hard work, you know, and one needs to refuel every now and then.

We try not to aid the enemy, but one time can't hurt, right?

Not sure what a Pantry surprise is? You can catch up on past surprises here.

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