Friday, July 11, 2014

Things That Make Me Smile 7/11/14

 Jake (8½), Alyssa (6), Zac (4½), Tyler (2)

Happy Friday! Tyler had a check-up appointment with his ENT doctor this week. Everything is perfect. The tubes are in place, his hearing is great, and he even sat still (!) and let the doctors look in his ears and preform the tests. He's come so far over the last year. He still has at least one more appointment before the whole ordeal is behind us, but we are thanking God for His grace and protection in his life.

1. Jake, eating a nectarine: "We should call these nectar-dreams, because they're so good, it's like  dream."

2. Me, looking at a mess: "What happened to this house?"
Zac: "Ty."

3. Tyler, with his hands raised: "Mommy, hold you."

4. Alyssa: "The new baby is going to be a girl. It has to be a girl--I feel it in my bones."


6. Jake: "Mom, do you think cooked goblin guts would taste good?" 

7. Alyssa, after seeing a picture of how peanuts grow: "That's weird man, that's weird." 

8. Jake: "I just did a hand-sault!"
Me: "A hand-sault?"
Jake: "Yeah, I just made it up. I started with a handstand and ended in a somersault!"

9. Jake: "Mom, you wouldn't believe how fast the week goes by." 

10. This

11. Listening to Alyssa sing, instead of read, an entire book.

12. Zac: "Who's Jake playing checkers with now?"
Me: "The computer."
Zac: "How's the computer playing? It doesn't even have any hands."

What made you Smile this week?

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