Monday, July 7, 2014

Things That Make Me Smile 7/4/14

 Jake (8½), Alyssa (6), Zac (4½), Tyler (2)

Happy Monday! We had a good Fourth of July weekend: we spent time with family, the kids went swimming, and I even relaxed a little. I could totally get used to Leighton having a 3-day weekend every week. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday, too! 

1. Zac: "Mom, when I'm big, I'm gonna choose to marry you."

2. Alyssa, eating a piece of bread with sesame seeds on it: "If you plant bread, will it grow?"

3. Zac, while watching Frozen: "I don't ever want to ride on a ship in a bad storm, 'cause then you die."
Jake: "Not necessarily. The 12 disciples didn't die." 

4. Zac grabbed his toy laptop, plopped himself at the table, and said, "Now, to get some research done."

5. Jake: "Zac's hair does not taste very good."

6. Alyssa: "When Daddy was leaving, I put my hand to my heart and did this {waves hand toward the window} because it was like I was giving my heart to him."

7. Tyler was pretending to eat some play food. He closed his eyes, folded his hands, and started "praying."

8. While playing Uno with the family, I played a wild card and told Zac (who was on my team and sitting on my lap) to pick the color. I showed him the 2 cards we had left, both yellow. He excitedly shouts out, "BLUE!" because, of course, that's his favorite color.

9. Zac, with a handful of Lego mini-figs: " It's a good thing I have my trusty sidekicks with me."


11. Alyssa: "He betraded him!" (betrayed)

12. Jake, after I finished reading our book: "Mom, did ya have to leave us there? I'm so excited I could jump off a cliff!"

13. Zac, seeing the reflection of the computer in my glasses: "How did you get your eyes computered?"

What made you Smile this week?
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