Friday, November 7, 2014

Things That Make Me Smile 11/7/14

Jake (8½), Alyssa (6½), Zac (5), Tyler (2½)

Happy Friday! It's been a great week at our house. Zac celebrated his 5th birthday and we got to spend the day alone together doing fun things. Also, I spent a lot of time this week doing some odds and ends cleaning, like reorganizing the hall closet, washing the utensil drawer, cleaning the microwave, and a lot more. I wouldn't consider it nesting just yet, more like renewed energy and health. Big Smiles for feeling better!  

1. Tyler, pointing to the M in the Meijer sign: "Mama, wook! I find a big W."

2. Me: "Hey there, cool dude!"
Tyler: "I not cool dude. I Ty-Ty."

3. Zac:"The ABCs have every single letter in them."

4. Zac:, looking at the clock "What is eight zero zero?"
Me: "8:00."
Zac, a minute later: "What is eight zero one?"
Me: "8:01."
Zac, a minute later: "What is eight zero two?"
Me: "8:02."
Zac, a minute later: "I know what eight zero three is: 8:03! I'm so smart."

5. Alyssa, after dinner: "Thank you for letting me wash the table for you!"

6. We got 2 pet turtles: Hide & Seek.

7. Leighton: "Do you want some?"
Tyler: "Oh, yes, I want some! What is it?"

8. Computer Game: "Que linda!"
Me: "Do you know what linda means?"
Alyssa: "No."
Me: "It means beautiful. And did you know that Grandma's name is Linda? That means that Grandma is beautiful."
Jake: "And she is!"

9. Jake: "Why couldn't Winter go outside to play? . . . Because he had a cold!"

10. Me: "Three days until a birthday party."
Jake: "Yes, presents! More Legos!!!"
Me: "What makes you so sure you're getting Legos?"
Jake, confused: "Why wouldn't someone get me Legos? Legos are my life!"

11 Alyssa: "Everyone knows that you need good books."

12. Tyler, before breakfast: "Ty-Ty wants someping to eat."
Me: "You do? What do you want? Some yogurt?"
Tyler: "No, jewybeans." (jellybeans)

What made you Smile this week?

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