Monday, April 27, 2015

February and March Purging Update

Oh, my. Is it really the end of April? And I'm just now posting my update for March? And February? My sweet hubby insists that I'm late updating because I'm been so busy purging that I haven't had the time to blog. Have I mentioned lately how much I love him? He's always there to encourage when I become discouraged with myself.   

Without further ado, here is how our house changed the last 2 months.

  • cleaned out the boys' clothes closet, pulled out stuff that was too small and reorganized the rest by style and size
  • donated a box of cassette tapes 
  • worked to organize the basement
  • cleaned under the boys beds, removing and putting away all toys/clothes/garbage, & vacuumed (yes, did this in January, but kids are kids)
  • reorganized our entertainment and mail center
  • organized my mason jars by size and type
  • reorganized Alyssa's dresser drawers, removing clothes that are too small
  • washed the living room curtains 
  • washed the living room walls
  • emptied the silverware drawer and washed it
  • deep cleaned the kitchen, cleaning all the nooks & crannies with a toothbrush
  • washed the kitchen chairs and cushions
  • purged some of the children's books (!), removing ones that were torn, duplicates, or whose stories were not to my liking
  • washed the living room windows inside and out, cleaning all the track and edges (with help from my boys)
  • replaced the organizer in the front closet and filled it with the kids' hats, gloves, and such   
  • collected all the LEGO Club magazines, punched holes, and put them in a 3-ringed binder
  • purged some nail polish
  • threw away a pile of socks that had been sitting unmatched for months
  • reorganized the medicine cabinet  

      Various walls throughout the house also got a good washing, but I wasn't the one who cleaned them.

      Tyler, my 3-year-old, decided to draw all through the hallway, part of my room, on Alyssa's door, in the living room, and by the front door. All in a couple minutes as I was feeding the baby, again, right before we were planning to walk out the door for church.

      He was given a bucket of soapy water and a rag and had to wash up his mess. There were some tears (from him) and a few laughs (from me). He may be a little stinker, but he sure is cute.

      Are you ready to see our donated items in February and March?

      Not too bad for months 2 and 3. (See January here.)

      Are you still keeping up with purging and cleaning your home? How are your efforts going?

      Don't forget, you can head over to Family, Faith, and Fridays and join in with the 34 Weeks of Clean challenge.

      Happy Purging!

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      1. Wow, wow, wow! You have done a super job, Erika, and have proven that even with a baby, you CAN get lots done! Sharing tomorrow on my FB page to inspire others! Thanks for linking up!

      2. This is great! It feels so good to purge things that aren't wanted and clean wall are nice, too :) Getting all this done and blogging about it with a new baby is a lot to do as well as all the other day to day things. Thanks for sharing.