Friday, September 25, 2015

Things That Make Smile 9/25/15

Jake (9½), Alyssa (7), Zac (5½), Tyler (3), Nicholas (9 months)

Happy Friday! This week we went to our library's sale and bought a bunch of new books, spent many hours together reading, and played a bunch of games. And we Smiled, lots.

1. Zac: "Who found it first?"
Alyssa: "I did."
Tyler: "No, I did."
Zac: "Alyssa found it first."
Tyler: "No, I find it after her!"
Zac: "So she found it first."

2. Jake, after reading a joke aloud out of a book: "Haha, I don't get it, but it's funny!"

3. Zac, casually: "I'm almost rich, by the way."

4. The kids were cleaning their room and divvying up the tasks. I walked in to put away some clothes as Zac proudly stated, "I'll be the one to throw everything under the bed!" With that last word, he saw me and his face fell. Busted. His expression was so funny that I didn't even try to hide my laughter. And he didn't try to hide all the toys either. 


6. Tyler was dipping apples into homemade caramel and got some caramel on his hand.
Me: "Do you need a napkin?"
Tyler: 'No, I can just use my tongue."

7. Zac: "Here's a rule: Never use an exacto knife while closing your eyes."

8. Zac: "Here's another rule: Never cut yourself on purpose."

9. Tyler: "Can I have a pancake?"
Me: "We don't have any pancakes."
Tyler: "Oh, do you have any awfuls?" (waffles)


11. I was talking to the kids about where they'd like to visit one day. After giving answers like outer space, Australia, the North Pole, and Alaska, Zac shouted out, "Legoland!"

12 . Jake, while praying for his snack: ". . . and thank You for making Mom a good cook."

13. Tyler, trying to go outside: "Daddy, I can't 'cause it's locked."
Leighton: "It's locked? Well, can't you open it?"
Tyler: "No, 'cause it's really, really, really, really locked."

14. Me, reading: "The ship . . . had been wrecked on some rocks and all hands were lost at sea."
Jake: {cracks up laughing, shows his hands} "Hey, look, I have 2 hooks!"
Me: "You know that means they died, right? Their hands didn't fall off in the water."
Jake: "Oh."

What made you Smile this week?

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