Monday, June 12, 2017

Things That Make Me Smile 6/2/17

Jake (11 1/2), Alyssa (9), Zac (7 1/2), Tyler (5), Nicholas (2)

These two weeks we spent on vacation were amazing. The kids (and us, ha!) had been looking forward to going to LEGOLAND Florida for so long. (Here's how we surprised them!) We were able to go two days and could easily have gone a third, because there's just so much to do. We also experienced the Orlando Science Center, did a lot of swimming (pools, splash pad, water slides), went to the beach, toured Hope Children's Home (where Leighton grew up), did some geocaching, visited with family, and so much more. We stopped in Gatlingburg, Tennessee for a couple days on the way home and did some hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Such a busy, fun, memory-filled week. The Smile list is endless this week, but here are a few of my favorite quotes.  

1. Nicholas calling his bathing suit his baby soup.

2. As we were leaving the pool, it started to rain. We began running back to our room, but Alyssa got tripped up.
Alyssa, shouting: "Don't wait for me! Save yourselves!"
Jake: "Never leave a man behind! Let's go!"


4. Alyssa: "It feels like I've known myself my entire life."

5. Tyler, looking at a giant hypnosis wheel: "Whoa! That's a huge lollipop!"

6. Tyler, frightened: "Ah, a mosquito!"
Alyssa: Tyler, mosquitoes are harmless. All they can do is suck your blood. "

7. Tyler: "It's called an accididnt, so you didn't do it."

8. Alyssa, as we were packing up to leave the resort: "Do you think if I put a sticky note with a Bible verse on it, they'd read it? I'm going to do John 3:16."

9. Zac, after we got home: "Our van looks so regular without the topper." (car top carrier)

10. The kids thanking us 5.2 million times, give or take, for taking them to Florida.

What made you Smile this week?

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