Friday, June 16, 2017

Things That Make Me Smile 6/9/17

Jake (11 1/2), Alyssa (9), Zac (7 1/2), Tyler (5), Nicholas (2)

Happy Friday! This week, we planted potatoes on my brother's farm, spent time purging things in our basement, and watched Jake perform a magic show in our living room. For school, we experimented with magnets, looked at Jake's blood under a microscope, and spent much time reading. Did you make time to Smile?

1. Alyssa: "I love you as much as a long piece of string that could fill our house."

2. Jake, coming in from playing outside: "When I closed my window the other day, I thought I forgot to lock it."
Me: "So you just tried climbing in your window?"
Jake: "Yes, ma'am, but when I climbed up, I realized it was locked."
{30 seconds later}
Jake, running through the kitchen: "Uh, I'll be right back!"
Me: "You're not climbing in through your window."
Jake: "Please?"
Me: "No."
Jake: "Just once? Pleeeeeease?"
Me: "No."
Jake: "I never get to do anything dangerous."


4. Backstory: When Leighton and I were dating, we had a specific container that I gave him filled with chocolate chip cookies. When he ate them all, he would give it back, and I would return it with more homemade cookies . . .
Zac: "Mom, you know how you got Dad to marry you?"
Me: "How's that?"
Zac: "With your cookies. That's how I want someone to marry me."

5. Me: ". . . I don't really know how to describe it."
Alyssa: "I bet Papa does. He knows how to describe everything."

6. Alyssa, about Nicholas: "He's getting too big. Now I understand why you always say we're growing up too fast."

7. Nicholas making biscuits.

8. Tyler: "Where's Zac?"
Me: "At Gramma's."
Tyler: "I didn't know that."
Me: "Yeah, he went home with Gramma last night, remember?"
Tyler: "Is he coming home today?"
Me: "After church tonight."
Tyler: "Nooooooo."

9. Nicholas, talking to the stick of butter during dinner: "I love you, butter! I love you, butter! Muah!" 

What made you Smile this week?
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