Thursday, April 26, 2018

Planet 316

Two of my kids' favorite types of reviews are books and apps. When we're able to combine the two it's super exciting, and that's just what happened this time with Planet 316 and Worthy Kids/Ideals with their Planet 316 Story Bible and the companion Planet 316 Story Bible App. My kids were thrilled to receive the Story Bible and eagerly flipped through its pages. My daughter read a couple of the stories to her little brothers and soon the other boys wandered over to admire the brightly colored pages. 

It wasn't until the next day that the real surprise came. I handed them the tablet and they saw the pictures come to life.

The book is hardcover with thick, glossy pages. The illustrations are brightly-colored and whimsical and fill most of the pages, overlaying the text in empty spaces like the sky, walls, and ground. The book includes over 100 stories of the Bible starting with Creation in the Old Testament and ending with The Return of Jesus in the New. While the accounts are biblically accurate, they are told in a kid-friendly, story-telling way. Most of the stories are concise and fill a two-page spread, but there are a handful that are longer, such as the story of Ruth, Noah and the Flood, Jacob and Esau, Joseph Saves His Family, and The Last Supper, among others. With over 100 events of the Bible referenced, the common stories are included, for sure, along with some that may not be quite as well-known--Israel Asks for a King, The Capture of Jerusalem, Nehemiah Rebuilds the Wall, and more.

The applicable Bible reference is listed under each title. You can read the actual accounts to glean additional information or use it as a tool for older kids.

The Story Bible is a beautiful book in itself, but the augmented reality adds a whole new level of enjoyment. You simply download the free app, scan a page, and watch the stories come alive as the pictures pop off the page. There is music and sound effects, and the experience is enhanced more as you interact with the app by touching various pictures and listen to the characters talk and animals make their sounds. You can watch a ship getting tossed in a raging sea, the smells of Jacob's stew wafting to Esau, Samuel's oil pouring as he anoints David as king, Elijah's offering getting consumed by fire from Heaven, and a dove descending on Jesus as He was baptized.  

The Planet 316 Story Bible and the companion Planet 316 Story Bible App really is a neat combination. Using the app can be a bit finicky at times, especially for little ones. Juggling your device along with trying to keep the book open without the pages turning can be complicated. It would be beneficial to make the Story Bible spiral-bound to ensure the pages don't flip. My little guys enjoy watching the augmented reality, but they need help using it.

The Story Bible book is a wonderful resource and is a treasure to own. The stories are short, cover the facts, and are perfect for little ones. They can be used at bedtime, Bible classes, or just time together. The free augmented reality app is so fun, but really, it is just an additional bonus as the book itself is worth the purchase.

This is a book we will enjoy for many years. 

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