Friday, June 1, 2018

Things That Make Me Smile 4/27/18

Jake (12), Alyssa (10), Zac (8), Tyler (6), Nicholas (3)

Happy Friday! This week, Leighton and I were able to spend 3 days in Chicago while my parents watched our kids. It was such a needed time alone and so very much enjoyed. We packed a ton of touristy things into those few days including exploring the Museum of Science and Industry, walking around Millennium Park and taking our pictures in The Bean, enjoying the exhibits of the Adler Planetarium, walking and shopping along Navy Pier, experiencing 360 Chicago, learning about the architecture in the city on the Shoreline River Tour, eating award-winning pizza at Giordano's, and more. Such a perfect experience with my best friend. 

1. I was in my room working on a review when Nicholas threw open the door, shouted "I love you, my Love!" and slammed the door shut again. 

2. Tyler, eating pieces of watermelon: "Mom, I found a square! Actually, it's a cube, because squares are flat."


4. Me: "Who's my favorite 3-year-old?"
Nicholas: "Daddy."
Me: "Daddy is?"
Nicholas: "Yeah, my daddy. Daddy is your favorite 3-year-old, and my favorite, too."

5. Nicholas, hugging around my neck: "I love you, little boy."


7. Tyler: "Ooh, Mommy, you look pretty."
Me: "Aww, thank you, Ty-Ty."
Tyler: "You're always my Pretty."

8. Alyssa covers her ears every time Junior Asparagus from Veggie Tales sings, because his voice is so high and squeaky. We were listening to a CD when she said, "I can't wait until they show an episode after Junior goes through puberty."

What made you Smile this week?

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