Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy mother’s day to all the moms out there, but especially to my wife, Erika, the best mother any three little children could ask for. She is more than any of us in this house deserve and she does more for us than she should. Let’s not forget to say happy mother’s day to the mom who raised her that way.

For me mother’s day is a day not only to celebrate the mother’s that are still in my life but also a day to remember the one’s that once were. My mother passed twenty years ago. I was just a young boy and really struggle now to remember much about her. I can remember her walking me to the bus stop the first time I rode to school. I can remember taking naps with her on the couch after kindergarten. I remember her bandaging me up after I took a spill from my bicycle to the pavement. But I can vividly remember her still laughing the day we found out that the cancer was going to take her life. One memory I wish I didn’t have was going to see her in the hospital and seeing all the lines and cables coming off of her, and seeing just how weak she was. I want to remember my mom as the strong mommy she was. I miss her so much despite how little I seem to remember of her. I love you mom and happy mother’s day!

And happy mother’s day to both my Grandma Leaf, who passed in ‘98, and to Grandma Leighton, who went this past year. I miss and love both of you!
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