Friday, January 28, 2011

Make It Monday: Gingerbread House

We make a gingerbread house every year around Christmas. It's a tradition Jake and Alyssa look forward to (Ok, I do too.) Last year, we made the gingerbread from scratch, cut it out, and assembled the house with homemade frosting. We had gone to the store and picked out different goodies to decorate it. It was a bit more expensive than the pre-made kits, but it was so much more fun!

I had wanted to make our own again, but the Christmas festivities seemed even busier than normal this year. Maybe it's the homeschooling. Maybe it's that I now have 3 tornadoes wreaking havoc on my house. Whatever the reason, our beloved gingerbread house had gotten postponed. I still had good intentions of heating the oven and  mixing up a big batch of gingerbread, but a quick trip into Kroger changed my mind. I found a kit on clearance for $2.50. Pre-made, here we come.

Ok, Leighton always does the "mortaring" part. My job is to stand around and take pictures. He was at work and I had to step up to the job. It was not pretty.The frosting was thick and goopy.It ran down the sides, bringing the candy pieces down with it.

While this house was not as nice as our previous one, the kids still had a good time making it. Alyssa surely had a good time eating it. One piece on the house . . . one piece in the mouth . . one on the house . . . one in the mouth . . .

* Disclaimer: I am not to be held responsible for the quality of these pictures. My computer screen is on the fritz, making it difficult to edit photos. Hold Leighton Leaf responsible for being unable to fix the screen. =)

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  1. Cute! What is the little one- a dog house?? Too cute!

  2. Yes, a dog house. Though the little cookie in front is actually a dinosaur, so technically, a dino house. =)

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