Monday, February 14, 2011


Leighton and I are very different in some ways. He is the geeky one. He loves all electronic gadgets. Before we were married, he had the latest and greatest. Now that we have 3 little ones, he has settled for listening to podcasts about the newest technology. He got the new iPod Touch just before Christmas. I tease him that it's part of his anatomy since it's always with him and he's always using it.

I am the domestic one. I love raising my Leafs. I enjoy cleaning. I enjoy organizing. And you all know, I enjoy baking and cooking. I am the one who loves cooking gadgets - bread machine, food processor, Kitchen-Aid, crock-pot, electric skillet, roaster, griddle, etc. These get used on a regular basis. We have a second full kitchen in the basement where I store any overflow from the main kitchen. Both are full.

I hosted a Pampered Chef cooking show a few weeks ago in order to get more cooking supplies. I was ecstatic last Friday when the order came in! Below is a picture of everything I got for around $60 (valued at $274.)

stoneware mini loaf pan, stoneware large bar pan, square baking pan, deep covered baker, nesting coating trays and tongs, mini serving spatula, biscuit cutters, mix 'n chop, nylon knife, decorator bottle set and cleaning brush, mini tart shaper, medium scooper, master scraper, micro scraper

As you can see, I seasoned the bar pan in order to show you what it looks like. (Actually, we just really wanted bacon before I could take a pic!) We've used that pan many times in the past week - the aforementioned bacon, homemade biscuits 2 times, homemade sandwich rolls, homemade pizza, cookies, and pizza rolls. I've used a few of the other tools as well, and can't wait to use the rest.

Jake and Alyssa were happy to get new kitchen gadgets too. They helped me pull everything out of the box and wanted to keep the stuff in their own kitchen in Alyssa's room. Leighton was not nearly as excited since these gadgets don't need to be charged, don't have a circuit board, and can't be taken apart. He was, however, excited to see me using them. This is why we get along so nicely. I don't try to take his iPod or fix the computer, and he won't try try to take over baking again.    
* Side Note: My geeky hubby added some new features to the blog. There is now a search function, on the top right-hand side, where you can look up posts about various topics or find a recipe or craft that we've previously featured. Also, at the end of each post, there are similar posts that you might like to read. Enjoy!
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