Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Make It Monday: Popsicle Stick Log Cabins

Jake likes to try to guess what each special activity is going to be. I give clues until he figures it out . . .or gives up.

Clue #1 -- The craft is about Presidents Day.
                 "What's the next clue?"

Clue #2 -- It's about Abraham Lincoln.
                "Make a penny!" So ambitious, that child of mine.

Clue #3 -- Where he lived.
                  "Another clue."
Clue #4 -- We're going to use popsicle sticks.
                 "Can you just tell me?"

We used pieces of an old pizza box for the base. Batman was close by, in case there was trouble.

Easy enough.

"Ah, a basic square," Jake said.

Her and that gluing.

They glued sticks across the top for a simple roof.

This may have been the best part. Definitely the messiest.

Alyssa's cabin with multicolored grass. So jealous.

Jake's cabin complete with a garage door, Christmas lights, and starting line.

Oh, no! A bear is attacking and Strong Man is robbing Abe. Where is Batman when you need him . . .

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  1. Too bad you don't have an Abe Lincoln action figure :)