Monday, March 14, 2011

Make It Monday: Rainbows

Between it snowing and melting, and raining, and snowing and melting, and raining all in the last week or so, our back porch has been flooding. Fun stuff. Every time it rains, Alyssa asks, "Where's the rainbow?" Its been so cloudy and yucky. We needed to see some rainbows. We have the promise that God will never flood the earth again. Can't say the same about our porch.

Cut a paper plate in half.

Cut half-circles to form the bows. 
Yes, I am very aware that they are uneven. Leighton wouldn't let me cut a new plate. 
"What was that you were saying about not caring about being perfect? Blah, blah, blah . . . "

We don't have orange paint. When I squirted the red and yellow together, Alyssa said, "Oh, no!" I tried to explain why. "What happens when we mix red and yellow?" She answered, "That not good!!!"

Paint your rainbow any which way you'd like.  
Jake and Roy G Biv are friends. Alyssa, not so much.

You may have to be flexible where you paint if you have a little brother . . . who is tickling you.

Get distracted. Find baby eating paintbrush. 
(This step is optional.)  

Draw a big ol' pot (or have your daddy draw it.) Color it. 

Cut out the pot (or have your mommy cut it.)

Squeeze an ample amount of glue on the rainbow.

Adhere your pot to the bow, leaving some glue exposed.

Sprinkle on LOTS of gold glitter.

Add more glue. Gently pull a cotton ball. Pat your cotton "cloud" on the glue.

Sit back and count your gold! You're rich! 

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  1. I love how Alyssa is always sitting so patiently in her chair. . .as if she is waiting for you to tell her to start.

  2. Great craft...great teacher!!!!