Friday, March 25, 2011

Theory Thursday: Lava Lamp

We made a lava lamp yesterday. Ok, there was no lava. And there was no lamp. It doesn't even look like a real lava lamp. But that's the name of the experiment, so we're going with it. 

You'll need oil, cup with water, empty bottle with top, spoon, funnel, and food coloring.
Squeeze a few drops of food coloring into the cup of water.


Using the funnel, pour the oil to fill half the bottle.

Carefully pour in the water.

The water falls to the bottom because it is denser than the oil.

Turn the bottle upside down, shake it, roll it, dance with it. Do whatever it takes to mix it up.

Everyone knows oil and water don't mix.

Well, almost everyone.

The more you shake the bottle, the more the mixture combines. Over time, the two components will separate again. Jake's favorite part is turning the bottle on its side and seeing the huge air bubble. Ah, the simple things in life.
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  1. Another great experiment. I LOVE how you captured the water sloshing out of the funnel...good job!!!!!!!

  2. Does Alissa always do science experiments without bottoms? TeeHee (or is it Tsk Tsk?)

  3. I'm just glad she had a shirt on! She's been going through a "no clothes" stage lately.