Monday, April 4, 2011

Dino Dig

Jake has been on a big dinosaur kick for a few weeks. We've checked out books from the library, colored pictures, and went to the "dinosaur museum." He has talked about wanting to dig for dinosaur bones. I have talked about wanting to make a sensory bin. This was the perfect excuse to go buy some rice. Twenty pounds of rice ($10) and eight dinosaurs ($1) later, and our sensory bin was complete.

They had so much fun! They loved being paleontologists and sticking their hands deep into the rice, looking for "dinosaur bones." They had fun using their hands, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and a few other utensils to play in the rice. We talked about how it felt cold, powdery, and like little pebbles. Zac took a couple of bites. He wasn't impressed.

They especially liked pouring the rice into other cups . . . and on the floor . . . and on themselves. It did not take long for it to end up all over the living room. (Next time, we will be using a larger blanket!) They even took off their socks and jumped right in. This produced lots of giggles. 

After the fifth time dumping the rice from the blanket back into the bin and an hour an a half of playing, I called it quits and put our sensory bin away. Poor Zac cried like a baby. But that's ok, because he is a baby.

The kids can't wait until we pull the bin out again. 

My vacuum has a differing opinion.
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  1. HaHa! I still have rice all over the carpet and I thought I used a good-sized blanket - next time a roof tarp! But it's only in the basement in their school room so I only have to deal with it then.