Monday, April 25, 2011

Theory Thursday: Making Butter

I am just now getting around to posting last week's Theory Thursday. It's been a busy weekend for sure. Actually, the whole past week has been pretty crazy. Leighton worked 70+ hours Monday-Friday, with a couple of 19-hour days. He always works so hard to provide for us . . . just not usually that hard. So, I've been holding down the fort at home by myself. Needless to say, we're glad it's a new week. 

I was having a hard time finding something to do for Theory Thursday when I came across my old Brownie Girl Scout Handbook. Oh, the memories it brought back! Camping, cookies, crafts, among many others. I knew I could find something to do for science. And I was right.

Pour some heavy whipping cream into a glass jar.

Shake . . . shake . . . shake . . . for fifteen minutes.

After chilling in the fridge for one hour, pour off the buttermilk.

Rinse the butter pieces in cold water and enjoy!

I had them try to guess what we were making. As soon as they saw the whipping cream, they guessed ice cream. (You think we make enough of it?) They didn't realize it was butter until they tasted it. They LOVED shaking the cream! They jumped and shook and danced and wiggled . . . . for about a minute. Then Mommy had the chore privilege of shaking it for the remaining fourteen. 

After about seven minutes, it had gotten so thick that there was no more "thumping" sound. It was just a solid mass. At the ten minute mark, it broke up again as the cream was overworked and turning into butter. (You'll remember the process in Leighton's baking post.) My arms were thankful when the timer finally went off.

The kids and I sat down and watched Sleeping Beauty while the butter chilled. Does anyone else find that movie disturbing? The witch is downright terrifying. With a name like Maleficent, you know she's going to be evil. I had to distract Alyssa at certain parts because she's afraid of everything. Oh yeah, this post is about butter . . . 

 Alyssa really liked the butter on the crackers. Or on her fingers. She's not picky. She likes anything dippy. Jake is more like his daddy and could live without butter altogether.  

I'm just thankful I can buy butter in the store.
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