Thursday, April 14, 2011

Theory Thursday: Tiny Cups

I picked up a pack of tiny cups (Yes, the package said shot glasses, but we're calling them tiny cups.) from the dollar store the other day. That was all we used for our science project today. Tiny cups. What's so exciting about tiny cups you ask? Well, let me show you . . . . 

Fascinating, isn't it? They used physics and engineering to build those towers. They had to measure, and estimate, and calculate, and evaluate, and simulate, and . . . and . . . . Ok, I'm not exactly sure. But it was sciency. We made some cube-type towers and saw improved stability. Jake even made a catapult out of Trios to knock down the tower and a Trio wall. (He started with our catapult they made the other day. Then, sadly, it broke.) They also practiced hand-eye-coordination. Bonus.

They realized that by combining the 24 tiny cups, they could make one massive tower instead of two smaller ones. Teamwork. So important in the science realm.
"Without teamwork progress would be much slower and sometimes at a standstill in regards to theory and analysis of a perplexing problem or question. . . Science is knowledge and when applied with indisputable and tangible facts from many aspects of reasoning from those that share the same desire prove a theory as a matter of fact, much can be accomplished and scientific truth established."
Aren't you glad we played with tiny cups?
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  1. They work well together when they're working on school projects!

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  3. They look like shot glasses to me...tiny cups, not so much.