Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Make It Monday: Pirate Ships

One of the ways in which Jacob is just like his daddy is that he loves to build and design. He will sit down with a pile of Legos or Trios and construct for hours. I'm always amazed by his creativity. I've said many times that Jake has Leighton's engineering mind.  (Leighton originally wanted to go into architectural engineering, but God called him to Bible college. I find it ironic that he is currently working in demolition.) They both enjoy finding a solution to a problem or figuring out the best way of doing something. They love understanding how and why things work. They like getting their hands dirty and building things. Jake gets his creativity from his daddy. Just last night Leighton said, "One of these days that boy will invent something." And Leighton will be right there helping him.

Jake, Alyssa, and I played with the Trios while Zac was napping. I can't make the intricate designs that Leighton can, but we have a pretty good time in spite of it. 

Construction is very messy work. (So is demolition for that matter. Trust me, I wash some pretty nasty work clothes every week!) It is completely necessary to dump out the entire bin of Trios to make sure you have the prime pieces.

After much grueling and intense labor, our structure was finished. It was complete with an anchor, cannon, crow's nest, plank, and working wheel. 

I'd like to take credit for the creativity of this ship . . . but I can't. Jake designed a lot of the details. I love how he used stairs for the flag. 

Arr, these pirates be ready to plunder the seas. They searched long and hard to find treasure. On the voyage, they captured an enemy pirate. He broke the code of conduct and refused parley. 
He be forced to walk the plank.

Ho, be that the giant sea monster lurking in the cool, murky water? He be awaitin' his next meal.

But wait - what be that? Sail ho!

Aye, another cog has come to rescue the captured pirate.

That cannon be pointin' right at 'em.

Fire in the hole!

Shiver me timbers! A direct hit starboard!

The ship be a sinkin'. Grab the loot!

Time to make use of that there jolly boat in the back. Row!

We played for hours, varying the scenario each time. Such fun and imaginative play!

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