Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Compelling Them

Last night, our family loaded up on a bus with others members of our church and went out to invite the community to Friend Day on July 24. We'll have special music, preaching, and lunch afterwards. It's going be a big day, and we want everyone there.

The kids were ecstatic to take a trip on the big bus. Jake, of course, ran right to the very last seat in the back. The four of us followed and embarked on a very bumpy ride with smiles all around.

With Jake walking with us and the other two riding in the double stroller, we began going door-to-door, passing out tracts and inviting people to our church. The kids certainly enjoyed the outing. Jake even said, "Let's do this in the whole world!" I made the comment of possibly raising a missionary. He made me recant that statement about ten minutes later though when he got impatient standing at unanswered doors. "Hey, we're waiting on you!"  We might need a few lessons in the tactfulness department. 

But what he lacks in discretion,  he makes up for ingenuity. After a few more houses without no one to talk to (even a few where we could see people in the house), Jake said, "We should grapple up to the roof and slide down the chimney if they don't come."  He was just trying to obey Luke 14:23 "And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled." He was wanting to compel them, all right!

We did meet some very friendly people and even signed a family up to come on the 24th! What a great feeling it is to be used of God. It's also wonderful seeing your children wanting to be used of God as well. As we were walking back down the street and passed a couple who had already been invited, Jake said, "Why don't we give them one!" He wanted to make sure everyone had the opportunity. I'm thankful for his 5-year-old servant's heart and for his willingness to "compel them."

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