Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Make It Monday: Painted Cotton Shooters

You want an activity that produces huge smiles and this much excitement???

All you need is a little paint, some cotton swabs, and a loadable toy gun. A large piece of paper is optional.

 Dip a cotton swab into the paint.

Load the painted cotton swab inside the cocked toy gun.




Feel free to stand as close as you need to the target.

What a shot!

If you're feeling very confident, try 5 bullets at once!

And when the gun that you bought at the dollar store 3 years ago, that's already been duct taped together and has lost the tip, suddenly breaks and will no longer will cock, switch your tactic to darts.

Take careful aim . . .

It's a direct hit!

A great big attaboy (or girl) to the first person who correctly answers how many cotton swabs are in that picture.

Hmm, not all the shots had such precision.

When you're all done playing, simply hose off the paint on the the playset.

And on yourself.

* Take Warning: If you use the wrong settings on the camera, your pictures will be grainy and turn out awful, and you'll be embarrassed to publish them on your blog.

But the smiles will be so precious that you'll use them anyway.
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  1. Cute idea! My kids would love something like that.... going to have to find me a gun :-)

  2. Precious is right. The huge smiles that Alyssa has on her face make me smile!!!!