Friday, July 22, 2011

Theory Thursday: Color Concoctions

Two scientists insisted that they needed to conduct a series of experiments. They transformed my kitchen into a laboratory.

They gathered their test tubes and secret ingredients . . .

 . . . and the experimenting began.

These scientists were extremely careful in their selections, making sure not to cause any adverse reactions.

Scientist Jacob discovered that when he poured the red mixture into the blue, a new purple potion was created.

They also learned that mixing blue and yellow resulted in a green blend.

And adding the green liquid made the solution . . . remain green.

The experiments required complete concentration. This research was of the utmost importance.

And what were they making with all these solutions???

Why, popsicles, of course!

We used Sun Drop (green), Red Pop (red), Juicy Juice orange-tangerine (yellow), ice blue-raspberry Kool-Aid (blue), Crystal Lite orange sunrise (orange), and  Emergen-C Blue (purple). If the colors were not quite the shade I wanted them to be, I added a drop or two of food coloring.

My little scientists had so much fun pouring the contents of the different test tubes into their beakers and watching the colors mix and blend into new shades. 

They especially liked eating their experiments. All in the name of research, you know.

They learned about color combinations and even cooled off a little from the high temps outside.

The experiments were a success! But think what they could do with more resources. Does anyone want to sponsor their evolving research? All donations are non-tax-deductible and can be made payable to Raising Leafs. All proceeds will be used to further their experimentation.

I wonder what concoctions they'll create next. Strawberry-Pepsi-mocha? Or grape-green tea-orange juice?? Or chocolate milk-lemonade-root beer???  

Or maybe I'll leave the mixing to the scientists and stick with taking the pictures.  
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  1. Love the fun color theory and it is tasty too! Thanks! :)

  2. What a fun and tasty way to learn about mixing colors!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm following you back.