Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Make It Monday: Ears of Corn

The kids were very excited to make this craft. After all, it did involve some of their favorite things: painting, gluing, and . . . popcorn!

I drew a cob on a piece of paper. (Actually, I printed a cob off the computer, cut it out, and traced it onto the paper. My drawing skills are greatly lacking.) Then Alyssa and Jacob painted the ovals yellow.

Once the paint was dry, we squirted some Elmer's glue on the cob and covered it with popcorn. 

The kids thought this part was so silly and fun! Alyssa told me it was her "favorite thing ever!"

 Of course, they ate their fair share of the popcorn, too. 

Once the glue was dry the and the popcorn was securely in place, they painted the popcorn yellow. Many references of mustard popcorn soon followed. And then lots of giggling.

Can you see how the glue made the popcorn shrink? Where once there were full kernels on the cobs, there now are empty spaces.

Uh oh! We realized the paint had made it even worse. It didn't even cross my mind that the poor popped corn wouldn't like getting wet. Oh well, I guess this was a craft and a science lesson in one. Bonus!

After we discussed the shrunken popcorn, they squeezed strands of glue around the cob.

Then, they added strips of crumbled tissue paper for the husks.

If at any point you're feeling stressed or that the work is too strenuous . . .

. . . please take a break and make your own stache. You'll feel better if you do. 

Then proceed with your craft.

Aren't they cute? We hung the ears of corn in the kitchen in place of our tissue paper butterflies. Such stylish decor we have . .. so unique . . . so earthy . . . so fun!

Not only did we get new art for our wall, we also learned something in the process. And that's what homeschooling is all about.

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