Friday, September 2, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile 9/2/11

1. Watching home videos with the kids - or rather watching the kids watch home videos. It's so much fun to reminisce of when they were younger, but it's even better to observe them watching themselves. It didn't matter how many times they saw the same video (we've been watching them all week), it's still just as funny the 19th time as it was the 1st. 

2. Telling knock-knock jokes. Everything you say, as long as it has knock-knock in it, is funny. (Kinda like a Southerner can say whatever about someone else as long as she adds "bless her heart.")

Jake: "Knock-knock."                                       Alyssa: "Knock-knock."
Me: "Who's there?"                                           Me: "Who's there?"
Jake: "Banana"                                                  Alyssa: "Chicken."
Me: "Banana who?"                                          Me: "Chicken who?"
Jake: "Banana peel!"                                         Alyssa: "Chicken meat! Hahahaha!!!" 

3. Listening to Jake sing hymns like "Faith Is the Victory" and "Only a Sinner Saved by Grace."

4. Zac is really starting to recognize colors. All week, he's been pointing out colors to me. "Bue! Oange! Geen!" He's been right about 50% of the time.

5. Zac was playing with a little plastic Slinky. He brought me the 2 halves when it eventually broke. I tried to explain that I couldn't fix it. He reached out and took it from me. "Bub-bub," he said. He walked over to Jacob and handed him the broken toy. "Bub-bub, boke. Boke." So many times I won't know how (or won't take the time maybe?) to fix a toy. Since Jake is so good at it, he usually fixes the toys. Zac just knew his big brother would come to his rescue. (Unfortunately, this was one time Bub-bub couldn't fix it.)

6. Jake and Alyssa called me over to see "a really fancy ice cream truck!" at our neighbor's house. I got to the window just as the Schwan's truck was pulling away.

So, what made you smile this week???
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  1. These make me smile too and bring tears to my eyes at how fast they are growing up!! Love the little silly things they do.

  2. Sweet! It's good to be reminded of the precious things in life. I'm now follower #99 and I hope you'll follow me back :)