Monday, October 17, 2011

E-Mealz - Review

Dread deciding what to make for dinner? Hate compiling a grocery list?? In a rut of eating the same ol' things???

Then e-mealz might be for you!

For $1.25 a week (or $15 for 3 months), E-mealz will help you save time and money and still make healthy, satisfying meals while leaving you with quality time to spend with your family.

How? E-Mealz makes it easy with their 1-2-3 plan.

1. Choose one of the 28 meal plans. From Kroger to Publix; feeding 4-6 or 1-2; gluten free, low fat, or vegetarian; there's a plan to fit every household. 

2. Simply print the complete corresponding grocery list and go shopping. (Nope, the service doesn't included a personal shopper. Bummer, huh?)

3. Cook up a delicious meal that you feel proud to serve your family. (Think apricot chicken or creamy shrimp hoagies.)

And that's it! E-mealz takes the guessing out of a shopping list and the labor out of flipping through the grocery ad to meal plan. Plus, it's even recommended by Dave Ramsey!

Unfortunately, this was not a good match for our family. I am a big couponer. I stock up on items when they are at the rock-bottom prices by combining sales and coupons. I plan my meals based on what I already have. This insures that each week I'm buying only what is the absolute cheapest. I spend $40 a week on average for all of our groceries. The estimated $75-$85 a week for just dinner is about double what I spend on all our meals. I was able to get my personal costs down by making my own biscuits instead of buying them (much cheaper and taste better too), substituting some side dishes that I already had, and searching for coupons to match up. Since I usually use a few free websites that tell me the deals and where to find the coupons, it was quite a bit more work to have to find them on my own. Also, my regular grocery store is not on the list.

Overall, I think this is a great concept for people who are wanting to meal plan but don't know where to start or those who want to cut back on their spending without having to do the work themselves. It just may not work as well for a coupon-lovin', deal-seekin' fanatic.

Don't just take my word for it though. Go read some more reviews from my fellow Crew mates here

* I was given a 3-month subscription in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.
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  1. As a serious bargain shopper, using emealz definitely required a different mindset when grocery shopping. It was a nice change in my household, but I can see how it wouldn't work for everyone.

    Great description of it though. :)