Friday, October 21, 2011

Theory Thursday: Glass Magnifier

There's just something about a magnifying glass that mesmerizes kids. Looking through a small lens and seeing the objects made bigger is a magical experience.

 I bought the kids a 6 pack of mini-magnifying glasses at the dollar store. It's the little things.

 We had fun magnifying things like money . . .

Books . . .

 Candy wrappers . . .

. . . receipts, LEGOS,  and more!

But what do you do if you need to read something really tiny and you don't have a magnifying glass???

 Why, you use a glass of water, or course!

The combination of the water and the glass acts like a lens, magnifying the objects.

 And if you use the glass of water AND a magnifying glass???

The object's even BIGGER!

Have fun super-sizing things around your house!

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