Friday, November 25, 2011

Make It Monday: Hand Print Turkey

I'm really behind in posting this week. It has been a busy week for all, I'm sure.

But what would Thanksgiving be without a hand print turkey???

 Paint your hand and thumb brown for the turkey's body.

Find a helper to paint stripes on your fingers for feathers. 

Apparently, Alyssa was making a tropical turkey. Hey, they celebrate Thanksgiving in Hawaii too, right?

Gently press your hand on a piece of paper, being careful not to wiggle your fingers around . . . too much. 

After you lift your hand, add the finishing touches to your turkey - a beak, a gobbler, legs, and a googly eye. Allow the paint to dry and proudly display your turkey for all to see.

Along with our tropical friend, we have a meatloaf inspired turkey, complete with ketchup on top. Maybe the poor turkey will get a reprieve from the feast this year. 

Then again, maybe not.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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