Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Make It Monday: Simple Piñata

In preparation of Leighton's birthday, the kids and I knew we wanted to make him something special. After all, he is the one who works so hard so the kids and I can stay home. He provides for us, takes care of us, and loves us unconditionally. This gift would be one of love.

And what screams love and birthday celebration more than a piñata?

Start by painting a paper bag. This whole side was green in honor of Daddy's favorite color!

 Then they added details, complete with a birthday cake and  balloons.

Don't forget to paint all the sides!

Once the paint is dry, fill the bag half-way with candy!  

Try to keep the toddler from eating it all before it makes it into the bag.

Roll the top of the bag down to close it. Staple it to secure it.

Using a hole punch . . . or knife or nail or your teeth - whatever you have on hand - make 2 holes in the top.

Loop yarn or string through the holes and tie, leaving one end long enough to hang the piñata  from.

Now comes the best part!




Check out those goodies!

When you're younger, birthdays and gifts are about what makes you happy. As you have children though, so much of that changes. Sure, we all like to receive nice things, but more importantly we enjoy seeing our children happy. It brought us both so much joy to witness the excitement all 3 kids had. They were slightly concerned that Leighton only barely tapped the piñata, so as not to break it, but they didn't let that stop them from having a fabulous time. 

Long after we put the kids in bed, Leighton and I laughed and smiled as we reflected on the evening and the fun we had. No present - no matter how elaborate or how costly - can replace the love of a family.
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  1. You captured the excitement with those pictures. Looks like a happy birthday indeed.

  2. Love it!! What a wonderful birthday.

  3. so cute - I'll have to remember this for my hubby's bday next year.

  4. My kids love pinatas ... what a fun project to make together!

  5. What a neat way to make a pinata. I love it! I'll have to try that one. Thanks for the idea.

    Tim from the crew