Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Make It Monday: Wooden Helicopter

Monday was spent utilizing some of the crafty gifts the kids got for Christmas. They were busy stamping with the Melissa & Doug alphabet set, painting with watercolors, painting in paint poster books, coloring, stickering, etc. 

Jake also decided to assemble his wooden helicopter that he found in his stocking. He cut open the top and dumped all the pieces on the table. 

And 5 minutes later it was completely glued together. The kid amazes me.

Every 2 minutes after that, he asked if it was dry yet. Much competence; little patience.

I was planning to take a picture of the finished product, but little Zachy got a hold of it and broke it into pieces. I asked Jake if he was going to put it back together. "Uh, maybe. Not today." He wasn't very impressed once he realized that it couldn't actually fly, that the rubber band just made the rotor spin.  

One thing he has especially like was the glue that came in the kit. He's already used it to fix Zac's new car track thingy after he stepped on it and broke a piece off and he's glued miscellaneous things around the house. 

I'd say it was a dollar well-spent. 

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